Special Update Directly from Perry Marshall:

An "Open Source Breakthrough" for Saving Millions of Lives Can Launch TOMORROW With This...

Dear Supporter,

I warned you that I was going to "cut a vein and bleed" during this presentation.

But I also told you that you'd discover VERY significant medical progress and a setup that is going to change the way that cancer is studied and treated.

I'm calling it:

"The Open Source Tissue Search Engine"

This "Tissue Search Engine" will allow us to detect the early evolution of cancer -- THE KEY to reversing it.

And this is why we should all be so excited by its breakthrough potential.

The best part?

With a little bit of help from you... It's ready to go TOMORROW!

With a little bit of help from you... We'll be intercepting hundreds of patients with early-stage, treatable cancers in 12 months!

With a little bit of help from you... We'll soon be developing Stage Negative 1 and Stage 0 therapies for numerous cancers!

There are a couple specific actions I hope you'll consider...

The first one is simple. Make a donation to support Reversing Cancer now, or before the end of 2023.

You might say, “But my gift of $500 or $1,000 or $5,000 or whatever I can offer isn’t going to make a dent in a $2 million project."

But it can. When we do approach super wealthy potential donors like foundations to help fund this open-source tissue bank, one of the first questions they will ask us is “Who else is on board? Are others supporting you?”

So your gift, regardless of size, allows us to share that 250 other people... or 500 other people... or maybe even more... supported Reversing Cancer at the end of 2023. We'll be able to clearly demonstrate our significant backing so that someone who can consider a sizeable investment in this Tissue Search Engine will rest assured that they’re in good company

There is a second action you might be able to take. Think about your social circle of family, friends and business associates. Are there two people you know who have the ability to donate and might be interested in the work of Reversing Cancer?

Maybe you can ask them to match the gift you’ve decided to make?

Maybe they are in a situation where they can give a larger gift?

Just think about it for a second... If you challenge just two other people to join you in supporting this work, we could triple the number of donors we can report when we are at the table with people that have the means to take this Open Source Tissue Search Engine project from vision to reality.

I’m deeply grateful that you’ve taken the time to learn about this breakthrough. Cancer is the source of so much pain and suffering for so many of us, even while navigating the holiday season.

Thank you for believing that there are things like this project that can write a whole new chapter in the fight against cancer. And I'm eternally grateful for whatever you can offer today.