Let’s find a cancer cure at the speed of business, instead of the speed of bureaucracy

The cancer system has had 50 years of drug development, grants, and red tape. The results are the same old slice, burn, and poison.

You already know that most cancer research is focused on the wrong things, and you quite rightly suspect the entire system is completely corrupted. That you’re reading this means you want to do something about it.

Early detection gives people more time. Sadly, over one third of patients already have advanced stages when diagnosed.

You and I and all contributors can help

For example, Dr. Azra Raza detects cancer at Stage Negative One – before people are forced to choose drugs, slices or burns. She’s already raised $15 million to fund hospital collection of blood, stool, and saliva samples to analyze for First Cells.

Drug companies are desperate for access to her research, so they can develop expensive drugs. She’s not interested. She’s going to uncover the First Cell. You and other backers will help her.

Dr. Raza’s not the only one.

Thanks to donors like you, Michael Levin, PhD has already received $150,000 to further his research, which indicates that cancer can be induced and then reversed in tadpoles. Now he’s on his way to applying that technology to human cells. Of course, the cost of that research is why he needs your donation.

As part of the American Association of Cancer Research, ReversingCancer.org has access to 50,000 oncologists.

Here’s your opportunity to be a part of really curing cancer…

We’re setting up programs and conferences to get real cures and real prevention innovations into the brains and hands of more doctors on the front line.

With entrepreneurs in charge and contributing to researchers standing up to the cancer industry, we’re expecting results much faster and for much less than the hundreds of billions already spent in the last 50 years.

Eventually somebody you know will receive a cancer diagnosis. You don’t have to be told the sooner a cure is discovered, the better their chances of survival.

You can try to ignore that fact, but why continue to hope against the inevitable when your donation can make a difference now?
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