Welcome to Science Research 2.0, Top Speed Golfer!

Clay Ballard, Top Speed Golf Co-Founder

I'm very thankful that Clay and Josh, the founders of Top Speed Golf, have taken an interest in what we're doing here at Science Research 2.0.

As you probably know, the avid golfer is right in the crosshairs of this terrible disease, so you're just the person who needs to hear our message.

Perry Marshall, founder of the largest science research prize in history

I'm Perry Marshall, the founder of Science Research 2.0 and the largest science research prize in history ($10 million).

And even though cancer is an inherently depressing topic...

...you're about to go on a 30-day journey with me that is ultimately VERY hopeful. Because it's my belief that we're a lot closer to solving this than you might think. Not just in one way, but many.

This includes fascinating work by one scientist who's detecting some cancer at stage "negative one"!

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