High-Speed Evolutionary Mechanisms in Cancer Cells—Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Them?

A truck hit Rich Jacobs at 65 miles an hour and sent him skidding into the ditch. He had a concussion and was banged up, but the CT scan showed that he had thyroid nodules which turned out to be cancer.

Thus began Rich’s painful and frustrating and sometimes outraging journey with cancer. Rich has now done almost 3000 interviews on his Finding Genius podcast and we are close to finishing a book on cancer that I’m co-writing.

On this episode of his podcast, Rich reviews my PDF on the current thinking on cancer. He does a great job of summarizing my thoughts and findings.

● How we are losing the war on cancer and the war against bacteria.
● How the current misunderstanding of high speed evolution is keeping us stuck in the mud.
● How symbiogenesis creates and entirely new type of creature
● How bacteria rearrange their genomes to become more resistant
● How our environment, the effects of what we eat and drink and breathe can be passed on to future generations
● How we are “8 to 10 percent virus” and what that means for cancer and evolution
● How no one knows exactly what your microbiome (all the little creatures that make up YOU) does…other than keep us alive!

I appreciate Rich taking the time to give this lay person’s review of my PDF and helping me spread the message of the purposeful and conscious nature of cancer and evolution.

Why are stage 4 cancer patients not much better off today than in 1930, despite the U.S. government spending $250 billion on cancer research?

Why are we losing the antibiotics race against bacteria, with superbugs evolving in a matter of minutes?

In an interview with Richard Jacobs, Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, explains, “These problems stem from an inadequate understanding of evolution itself…A prime reason cancer treatments fail is that the tumor cells evolve at tremendous speed by some kind of self-governing process.”

Even in the most popular, best-selling books on evolution, critical mechanisms

of high-speed evolution are hardly discussed or skipped altogether. These include symbiogenesis, transposition, epigenetics, horizontal gene transfer, reverse transcription, and endosymbiogenesis.

These mechanisms go far beyond neo-Darwinism, and should compel us to examine what needs to change about the way we think about cancer. Could this be the key to moving cancer research forward…toward better treatments or a cure? The argument for “Yes” is strong.

High Speed Evo Mechanisms – Finding Genius Podcast – listen below:


Perry Marshall

NASA Jet Propulsion Labs uses his 80/20 Curve as a productivity tool. His reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in Harvard Business Review. His Ultimate Guide to Google Ads is the best-selling book on internet advertising. A business strategist and electrical engineer, Perry founded the largest science research award in history. The $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize will be judged by scientists from Harvard, Oxford, and MIT. Seeing that existing financial incentives favor prolonging cancer rather than curing it; and realizing the medical profession has incorrectly defined the disease in the first place... he chose to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the problem.


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