Two World Class Cancer Researchers:
Kimberly Bussey & Azra Raza

By Perry Marshall

July 1, 2021 | 0 Comment

Today July 1 2021 at 11am Eastern, 10 Central, 8 Pacific, 5pm London, Evolution 2.0 is hosting the monthly Cancer & Evolution zoom call. Our speakers are Kimberly Bussey and Azra Raza.

Azra will be showing how to detect cancer at Stage NEGATIVE One. The work she is presenting today is GROUNDBREAKING. Azra (upper right) is a force of nature and listening to her speak is an experience.

Kimberly (lower right) will show how cancer’s triggering systems look to be 600 million years old, found in ancient bacteria – so she’s explaining methods of identifying those behaviors EARLY not late.

This is PhD level discussion. SOME will be over most lay peoples’ heads – but not all. That’s because the scientists joining these calls are from many different fields, therefore speakers have to minimize “inside my specialty” jargon.

Azra’s is particularly lay-friendly. 30 minute presentations X2 plus 30 minutes of Q&A.

11am Eastern, 10 Central, 8 Pacific, 5pm London

The zoom link is here:

Meeting ID: 889 4054 8238
One tap mobile:
+13126266799,,88940548238# US (Chicago)

Previous sessions have been hosted by Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins and USC, so I’m especially proud that EV2 is the organizer of this month’s meeting.

* This is a monthly program organized by American Association of Cancer Research. If you’d like to get on our monthly announcement list, join here:

Hope to see you on Zoom today!


Perry Marshall

NASA Jet Propulsion Labs uses his 80/20 Curve as a productivity tool. His reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in Harvard Business Review. His Ultimate Guide to Google Ads is the best-selling book on internet advertising. A business strategist and electrical engineer, Perry founded the largest science research award in history. The $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize will be judged by scientists from Harvard, Oxford, and MIT. Seeing that existing financial incentives favor prolonging cancer rather than curing it; and realizing the medical profession has incorrectly defined the disease in the first place... he chose to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the problem.


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